Liquid junction potential

The liquid lunction potential develops when two solutions with different concentrations of ions come into contact.
Jljp is a program that allows the calculation of the potential, with an arbitrary number of ions. It is possible to define the activity, as a function of the ion concentrations.
Jljp is completely free and open source. It is the only free program for the calculation of liquid junction potentials, working without any limitation in the number of ions. Moreover it is the only program available as open source.
Usually the Henderson method is employed in commercial programs. They are often used for correcting the results of biophisical measurements. The algorithm that we use is more general. The full description of the method will be available soon.
Jljp is written in Java. The source files are freely availabe. The classes are fully documented. It is possible to use the classes directly in a Java program, or use them in other programs. Moreover, a graphical panel and an applet, with full features, are also provided.


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